Tweets of the week

Tweets of the week

Twice in one week we have had reports of violence or the threat of violence against cricketers. This is the first ‘Tweet of the week’ because it is quite frankly abhorrent that anyone who participates in a leisure activity professionally exclusively for the pleasure of the viewers – the sports fans – should be on either end of violence.

For a bit of light-hearted relief – for Englishmen – on the back of that first message this week, let’s look back on one of the classic moments from the 2005 Ashes series:

There is no bigger news than a captain standing down, even if it isn’t across the board only one of the teams. In this case, Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale has stood down from the limited overs teams and has handed the reigns over to the more-than-capable Alex Lees. The test will come next year when the Yorkshire Vikings’ T20 and RLODC campaigns begin again.

Hattricks are hard to come by but hattricks taken with the first three balls delivered of a match are even scarcer. Worcestershire’s Joe Leach did just this this week. Enough said – of course he’s included in this round-up!

The justifications are getting shorter and shorter but just look at their faces. And remember to never leave your phone lying around unarmed if you’re part of a sports team…and they’re on a bus…bored…


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