Friday Five: September 18th

Friday Five: September 18th

With only one week remaining in the county season, Kirby Meehan reports on all the highlights from the past week, including trams in Nottingham and wooden spoons.

This week’s Friday Five is a pleasure for Tramspotting Nottinghamshire supporters, bicycle loving Derbyshire supporters and Michael Klinger loving cricket supporters not of the Surrey persuasion. Also, there’s Paul Collingwood. Hallelujah.

#LVCC The weather is getting colder, my slippers are on every night and the cat’s body heat has become useful again. It must be September and that means the cricket season is drawing to a close. We have one more round of the County Championship to go, but the winners are already determined. Surrey haven’t officially been crowned but it’s only a matter of time. The good folks in Division One need a good spanking because they not only let Yorkshire win but some record was broken along the way. Worcestershire have been relegated, but all of this is taking from the much more important battle at the bottom of the second division, where Derbyshire are fighting to maintain their title of “most wooden spoons”. It’s a gripping ride, I can tell you.

#RLODC Before the LVCC reaches its conclusion; we have to endure the final of the One-day cup. Actually, it could prove slightly exciting and not just because I’ll be there. Of four sides in the semi-finals, three were those perceived to be “big” sides and the other was Surrey. They will face Gloucestershire on Saturday at Lord’s and, if there is any justice in the world, those baby faced Curran kids will get a beating from Michael Klinger. It’d be good if Gloucestershire won the cricket as well.

#NorthEastGingerWorship Paul Collingwood and some bloke from Sri Lanka are joining the England management set up. Obviously this is troubling to an Australian, because Collingwood is godlike and he might just help England beat us. Again. At least we won the ODI series. Eventually.

#MovingOn In the annual end of season tradition, we have a few retirements and a few other movements about the counties. Essex has released Monty Panesar and they are losing Reece Topley to Hampshire. Tom Miles, Tom Lewis and Peter McKay are to leave Warwickshire when their contracts expire at the end of the season and the Bears have signed wicketkeeper Alex Mellor from Staffordshire on a twelve-month contract. Derbyshire has released Jonathan Clare, Geraint Jones looks set to appear for the final time for Gloucestershire on Saturday and, most importantly, Paul Collingwood is now an England manager.

#EastMidlandsBarbieWorship Some days you read news that makes you shed a tear and some days you read news that makes you beam with pride or cheer with joy. Today is not one of those days. Today the news is that the people of Nottingham have named a tram after Stuart Broad. Personally, I think the people of Derby should name a bicycle after Wayne Madsen, but doesn’t anybody listen to my ideas?


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