Toss could be scrapped for Division Two matches

Toss could be scrapped for Division Two matches

The Telegraph are reporting that the pre-match toss could become a thing of the past for Division Two County Championship matches.

It is believed that the ECB are bringing in the change in a bid to improve the quality of pitches, notably giving more of an advantage to spin bowlers.

A one-year trial is expected to be carried in out in 2016 should it be approved by an ECB executive board.

The visiting team would be allowed to choose whether to bat or bowl first, encouraging counties to produce pitches to support a more level-playing field and allowing spinners to have a greater role in Championship fixtures.

“There are a number of talented young spin bowlers in the game – sadly it is proving difficult for them to break into county first teams, in particular in first-class cricket,” said Peter Such, the ECB’s lead spin-bowling coach to Telegraph Sport.

“The most important factor in a player’s development, particularly for spin bowlers, is match play overs to hone the skills and work out how to apply them effectively in game situations. There is no substitute for this.”


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