The DEC Christmas Gift guide 2015

The DEC Christmas Gift guide 2015

It’s December again and that means only one thing – Christmas! Decorations are everywhere, shopping centres are rammed with people and you can’t go anywhere without being forced to listen to Noddy Holder. Let’s be honest, though, we all love getting presents. Some of us even enjoy giving them, but the shopping can be a nightmare.

Fear not, because Deep Extra Cover is here to help you once again with our annual Christmas gift guide. If you’re really stuck for a gift, you’re bound to find something here.

For the cricket-loving woman in your life:

Perfect for dancing around the living room in, a pair of knickers with “This girl loves cricket” on them is the ideal gift for any girl who likes her cricket. They’re in the boys’ brief style, but they are available in pink if you want to add that feminine touch. Paired with a big glass of Shiraz and an Ashes victory, what more could she possibly want?

Available at for £18 plus delivery. Available in pink, red or white.

For that “T20 isn’t real cricket” friend in your life:

You know he’d really like Ashes tour tickets for the next series Down Under, but unless you’re extra good friends the budget probably isn’t going to stretch that far. He is bound to be happy with a copy of Death of a Gentleman on DVD. He probably saw it at the cinema and raved about the fate of test cricket for weeks afterwards, so why not allow him to be a moaning idiot for just that little bit longer. Then, when you’ve had enough of him, you can go home and tune into the Big Bash League and watch the Perth Scorchers win yet again.

Available from for £11.00 plus delivery

For the mouthy Australian in your life:

There is no better time to enjoy the misery of an Australian cricket fan, and you probably gave them the 2005 Ashes box set a couple of years back, so this year spend a little more to really make their day with a replica Ashes urn. It is a bit steep in price, but it’s going to be a long time before England win the series again so make the most of it now.

Available from the Lord’s online shop for £50 plus delivery

For the animal lover in your life:

There does exist, in some funny corner of the universe, that unusual being – the cricket fan who loves little handbag dogs. I’m yet to meet on of them, but I’ve been assured they are out there. If you have one, I can recommend they’ll love one of these cricket sweaters for their pampered pooch. You know it will rain through most of the cricket season, so little Fluffy will also appreciate it.

Available from for £22 plus delivery

For the nutty Indian in your life:

If he or she is an Indian cricket fan, chances are Sachin Tendulkar’s face already adorns their walls, phone and doorbell. The only thing needed to complete the collection is this fabulous mouse pad. Good for home or work, who wouldn’t want to run their peripherals all over Indian cricket’s most famous son?

Available from for £7.50 plus delivery

For the kids in your life:

If they aren’t already into cricket, they clearly need help and you have failed as a parent. You can redeem yourself and do those poor kids the biggest favour possible by giving them a cricket set this Christmas. There are two options available. For the beginners, there’s the plastic cricket set that comes complete with plastic ball and stumps. When they’ve progressed to an Australian level of cricket, you can move them up to the far superior wheelie bin stumps stickers. Tennis ball and meat pies not provided.

Plastic cricket set available from Prices vary but are usually around £15 plus delivery. Click and collect is available.

Wheelie bin stickers available from for £3.49 plus delivery

For the Adam Lyth in your life:

If you have that friend that just can’t get his playing career going the obvious answer is an Adam Lyth face mask, but even the manufacturers dumped those after the Ashes. The second best plan is a t-shirt with “out out out” on it, to remind them not to get too carried away with those dreams. It’s a kindness, really.

Sold on for £12.49 in various colours and with free delivery.

For the cricket widow in your life:

There’s absolutely no chance you’re giving up your summer of cricket or your winter of being nocturnal and swearing at the television at 3am, so you’d best get her something to make up for it. Diamonds? Expensive champagne? Not likely. For the more conservatively sized wallets, try an instant inflatable perfect man. It can go in the car, in the bed, to the movies – basically, everywhere you won’t go while Alastair Cook is disappointing you yet again. It’s perfect. She might not love it, but your team has the Ashes so you can be happy.

Available from for £5.99 plus delivery

For the masochist in your life:

If he or she must go to every home match, despite bad weather and constant losses, wearing the kit and waving the flags, then chances are a membership will come in handy.

For more information on membership packages, click here.

For the KP in your life:

He’s got all the T20 kits and, thanks to a career selling himself to the highest bidder, can basically afford to buy anything he wants. Except a place on the England test side. You can’t give him that, unless your name is Andrew Strauss of course, but you can remind him of his shortcomings with a mounted picture signed by all the members of the 2015 Ashes winning England team.

Available from Mounted Gifts at for £24.99 plus delivery


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