Season One: Episode 15 – Sussex v Middlesex (Day 4)

Season One: Episode 15 – Sussex v Middlesex (Day 4)

Day FourMiddlesex second innings

First ball of day four, Wiese gets Gubbins lb for 33. 80-1.

Eskinazi, as disagreeable an opponent as I could wish to encounter on account of being quite good, puts one out towards the boundary.

He reckons without the arm of Evans who sends the ball back in like a tracer bullet and sends middle stump cartwheeling. 

Gone for 14. 107-2. 

They still need 119 to win but there’s that man again: Eoin Morgan.

Things get better when we get Robson for 70 and they’re 136-3. Our lead, however, dips to 79. They’re definitely in the boss seat now.

In all honesty, Morgan goes nuts. He hits 57 off 52 balls and he takes an especial glee in carting Meaker for several sixes.

Nothing we do works. They race away and win by 7 wickets ending on 228-3.

That win pushes Middlesex up to first and drops us to fifth. Ironically, we’ve played some of our best cricket this game but we really can’t afford a middle order who, from 3-7 score a combined 96 runs. 

There is some mixed news on the feed however. Jofra is back from international duty which can only be a good thing for our bowling.

But skipper can Zyl is out for four weeks.

Oh and we’re back to one day cricket and playing Surrey. They’re top. 

I’m going for a pint.


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