Season One: Episode 20 – Sussex vs Derbyshire (Day 3)

Season One: Episode 20 – Sussex vs Derbyshire (Day 3)

Derbyshire have really played the conditions well here. 

They zoom to 144 and the weather is set fair – except on Day Four when we’ll be chasing obviously. Then it’ll look like the apocalypse. 

Stupid weather gods I don’t believe in. Harrumph.

A manage a weak smile when Garton takes our third wicket. Hosein chips one to Finch at slip. 144-3.

I manage a marginally heartier smile when Critchley also departs in the same over. 144-4.

Godleman takes a century off our flaccid attack, but thankfully spoons one to Garton off Beer. 212-5.

Beery Boy works his magic again and suddenly Dal is on his way for 25. 217-6.

Derbyshire play out Wiese’s over and then Hudson-Prentice goes to Beer for 1. 

Willy Boy’s 3 wickets have come for 14 runs from 5 overs. 220-7 ‘Eat that Monty!’ he doesn’t say, because he’s classier than me.

After lunch, I decide to resume with both Garton and Beer. Fourth ball, Garton has Cohen caught at mid off by Claydon. 225-8.

Palladino comes to the wicket and my heart begins to beat faster. 

He’s pretty handy is Old Tone.

But he’s no match for Beer – bowled for 9. 244-9.

Garton wastes no time getting Abbott lbw and they’re all out for 244.

Sussex Second Innings

The stage is set: we need to chase 173 in a day and a half. 

We’ll need to bat well today as, as I may have mentioned, tomorrow is so overcast I’m expecting Noah to be available for interview in the commentary box, and the ball will boom round corners.

We emulate Derbyshire by racing to 63. Salt falls to Cohen, caught by Hosein with ten minutes left till tea. 63-1.

Evans, who has been in terrific form, gets trapped lbw by that thorn in my side Palladino for 9. 79-2 and 95 left to win.

Finch does likewise, except without the 9. 

He’s walking for a duck. 79-3.

Ravi could take us through here and seal victory-


Of course.

He can’t. 110-4

Brown and Wells continue the good fight and we end day three needing only 17 to win. 157-4

Even we can’t fu- 

Can we?


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